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The Top Memes of 2015


As one year ends and new one begins, here are some of the top memes from 2015. Let’s hope the Internet is just as good to us in 2016.


Confused Nick Young

Swaggy P has gifted the Internet with an abundance of hilarity, whether it’s laughing with him or at him. This meme originated from a video in which Swaggy P reacts to being called a clown on the basketball court at a young age.

This meme is perfect for when you have literally no response to the tomfoolery you just heard. Just throw ‘em the Swaggy P face and call it a day.

nick young 4


nick young 5


nick young 1

nick young 2


Lil Mama Crying

Lil Mama took some L’s this year. Some she deserved (see: “Sausage”) and some were just handed to her: the meme. During an interview with the Breakfast Club, Lil Mama discussed the death of her mother, and someone took a screen grab of her face and ran with it. The Lil Mama Crying meme was used to portray the inevitable disappointment of dealing with people.

lil mama 1


lil mama 2


lil mama 3


lil mama 4


Why You Lying?

What started as a parody of Next’s “Too Close” became so, so much more. Nicholas Fraser’s face alone gets the point across; somebody in here is lying.

lying 1


lying 2


lying 3


Hotline Bling

Drake’s song was already everywhere. Then he dropped the visual, and its appearance on the Internet doubled tripled. Pick a frame, any frame; it’s a meme.

hotline bling 1


hotline bling 2


hotline bling 3


Michael Jordan Cry Face

Even the GOAT gets memed. The Jordan Cry face was born from MJ’s Hall of Fame induction speech in 2009. Citizens of the Internet used Jordan’s tear-stained face to express sadness in areas, from sports to relationships to being Suge Knight.


jordan cry face 1


jordan cry face 2


jordan cry face 3

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