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Torrei Hart Says Most Women Would Be Ok With A Man Sleeping With Other Women If He Was Upfront About It!

Yes, Torrei is clearly having a change of heart and now she says that most women would be okay with men sleeping around if they were up front about it… I get her point, but we as women have to stop being so laid back and accommodating in order to keep a man, because it is never that deep and they won’t respect it at the end of the day!

During her sit down interview with Studio One she says:

From Madamnoire:

They asked her if she believed this, she said,

“Yeah. Yes. Every last one of you.”

Then she expounded, stating that her attitudes about cheating have changed over the years and if men were more honest, they would find a lot of women would be willing to accept them sleeping with other women.

“I kind of like the Muslim faith. I think if you can afford her, you should have an extra wife. I just think people should be more upfront. Men need to start just being men. and said, ‘Look, this is what I’m going to do. Either you’re going to deal with it or you’re not.’ And I think most women will probably deal with it. But you men just gotta be more upfront. And here’s the thing about me, I appreciate a good side b*tch. There’s days I don’t feel like doing sh*t. There’s days I don’t feel like sucking d*ck. There’s days I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning. Have the side b*tch do that job.”

And despite recognizing the worth of having another woman in the relationship, Hart says, it’s not a position she would want to occupy.

“I could never be the side b*tch, honestly. I always have to be the main.”

She did admit that perhaps she’s a bit jaded.

“I just turned 40, in February and as I get older, there’s certain things I’m just starting to see. Before, I would get all upset like, ‘You did this n*gga?!’ Now, I’m kind of like, ‘Did she buy you something? What did you get from the deal? Did you at least get something?’ I’m just starting to see things differently. It’s so crazy. It’s not that serious to me anymore, it’s just not…That’s probably bad. I’m so jaded. I sound real jaded, don’t I?”

I used to get very sad and a little upset when I’d hear women making grandiose statements about every man cheating. I’d want to holler back at the screen, “No! That’s not true.” But you can’t argue with a woman’s lived experience. Not to mention, I’ve seen too many women devastated by infidelity to pretend that it’s not a real epidemic. Like she’s gotten old enough not to care about certain things, I’ve gotten old enough not to fight certain battles.

People been dragging Kevin for damn near 10 years in your honor and this is the thanks they get… You now saying that cheating is okay… Ch…. Bye!

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