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(Video) Tyga on The Breakfast Club, Claims That He’s Not Dating Kylie


Tyga visited the breakfast club this morning to clear the air about this rumor of him dating Kylie Jenner and he’s fully denied it… Check the cliff notes inside..

*He’s not dating Kylie
*He didn’t leave his family for Kylie
*They’re just friends
*Black culture makes it seem that way
*White culture is different: Guy and gals can be friends and not “smash”

*Been friends with Kanye/Kim before he even met Chyna

*Blames TMZ for making it seem like he’s dating Kylie

*TMZ didn’t care for him before they knew he lived in the same neighborhood as them

*Never met somebody like the Kardashians/Jenners
They are so positive and not worried about what’s on MTO

*He respects Kris and the whole family

*North & King go on playdates with their nannies

*Last Kings is a $20 million company

*Him and Kylie have an app coming out… it’s like IG on crack

*He’s a businessman, not just a rapper…

*The YMCMB situation wasn’t Wayne’s fault
*Wayne gave him a chance
*He claims he sold 11 million singles
*He doesn’t know who to point the finger at
*He was supposed to be out of his contract last month
*Kanye’s the exec producer on his album
*Cash Money is getting money off his album with Christopher
*He still hasn’t got a check from CM

*Him and drake live next to each other
*Doesn’t fuck with him as a person
*Drake’s not genuine
*His music is great though, he’s #1 right now
*He’s not gonna diss him though

*Him and Nicki got into it over a song (Truffle Butter) – He was on the song and then it got weird
*They are cool though

*He respects Wiz and would never disrespect a female
*Him and Amber are cool

*Age of consent in NY is 17… if he wanted to…
*He thinks Kylie is beautiful and mature

*Keeps blaming TMZ

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