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Vivica Fox Insinuates That 50 Cent Is Gay on #WWHN


Vivica Fox has opened up a can of worms, she was on Watch What Happens Now with Andy Cohen and Kandi; along with Mama Joyce.

When Andy asked Vivca about comments 50 cent made about Empire and there ratings going down because of them showing too much gay stuff……………. Andy Cohen asked her opinion all she stated was : ‘Pot Calling The Kettle Black’

It was all because of this picture:

Her response:

Then house mother Milan found a throwback tweet of 50 cent:

Goneeee boo

A photo posted by Motha Milan ? (@stahrmilan) on

Chile… It’s just too much tonight and we’re patiently waiting on his response…. Is she still mad about him dumping her over 10 years ago? What is it? Why would she do that?

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