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(Watch) An Unauthorized Chinese Bio Film About Tupac Shakur



Chile, China has beat the US to the punch in creating a Tupac Bio picture…. Especially since the legal disputes are still being ironed out. Here is a clip of the trailer of Tupac’s bio clip  Until The End Of Time..

After watching a 5 minute clip , the plot is still somewhat hard to pick up. The obviously low budget film seems to be based around a student doing an essay on the Thug Life founder, who then gets schooled by someone with rare, behind-the-scenes footage of the rapper, played by Tsalta Baptiste..

The movie appears to dip in and out of flashback scenes where Pac is the lead, getting played by an unfamiliar actor named Tsalta Baptiste – who wouldn’t look like Afeni’s son without the wardrobe and sounds like he has a cold. Check it out below.






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