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Watch Jay Electronica Come Through For Erykah Badu On The Breakfast Club


Erykah Badu did an interview with the Breakfast Club this morning and let’s just say it was quite interesting, she talks about being socially conscious for art.

Talks about the industry being weird, her trying to break up with Common several times, because of the chemistry not being there, Erykah talks about the song Tyrone was all her freestyling…

Jay Electronica doesn’t want them to talk about Mars
-She doesn’t have Jay Electronica on child support
-Doesn’t really mind the term Neo-Soul, just doesn’t like to be put in a box
-Doesn’t like the name “Neo-Soul”
-Says that Nudity is used to put focus on your political agenda (performance art), references Josephine Baker, Yuko Uno, Nina Simone
-Her purpose for the “Window Seat” was to bring awareness to groupthink (love her explanation)
-Didn’t get arrested for the video. She Ran! lol.
-City fined her $500.
-Did a video on periscope, made up the video as she went. The video was impromptu. Thinks it’s something alluring about having one chance to do something. That’s the difference between performing and recording.
– Inspired by a lot of things. Just loves Art.
-New MIxtape comes out on the 27th (Yay!)
-Doesn’t think Jay needs to make an album.

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