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Woman Comes Forward to Claim she has Proof That Nick Young is Cheating on Iggy Azalea


Last week we told you about Nick Young getting caught out there and escorting two pretty young women into a private home. Nick was being very touchy with the women after partying at a Los Angeles nightclub Hooray Henry’s. Well, another woman has come forward and this time with receipts… For the last incident, Nick bought Iggy  a $250,000 Ferrari to make up for it…

According to a young lady who’d like to remain nameless, she met Nick Young online some time ago and they’ve been carrying on an intimate relationship ever since. She also provided proof including photos of her at his home, at his games, and more. With her face being blurred out it’s hard to determine whether this is true or not
baller alert


According to Baller

“We met on social media a long time ago and well we started hooking up. It was fun at first. The games, the parties, the sex on his red pool table. But Nick is a hoe. he was with the rapper chick the whole time. He’s a cheater. His relationship is fake and I feel bad cause she really thinks she is the only one and she’s not”
The woman claims to have had multiple sexual encounters with Young and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.



This is what she calls proof, girl bye, everyone already knew Nick probably been cheating on Igloo, so no surprise here. Besides, Iggy is a smart girl, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t that retarded to think her millionaire  NBA boyfriend isn’t messing around.

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