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XXXtentacion Sister Says Murder Was An Inside Job

I can believe it, XXXtentacion’s sister is claiming that his murder was set up by his inner circle, the rapper who was shot and killed back in June, click here if you missed that, sister Ariana Onfroy is now coming forward with her suspicions.

According to The Sun:

Ariana Onfroy, 22, told Sun Online his death was most definitely an “inside job” which she believes was carried out for financial gain. Four men – Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome and Robert Allen – were charged with his murder but Ariana remains convinced that someone close to her brother must have been involved.

“It was definitely an inside job because who knew?” she said.

“Somebody that was close to him knew where he was going to be at the exact time and in that exact place.

“He didn’t make any big announcement that ‘I’m going to be here to get a bike or something like that’.

“There’s somebody on the inside that knew where he was going to be and the exact time he was leaving for the murderers to know when to come and to do what they did. It definitely was set up.” Ariana says at the time of his death her brother was trying to change – and she doesn’t “remember him being in any type of a controversy with anyone at that time.”

Ariana is now urging the four people charged with his murder to come clean about who out of her brother’s inner circle may have given them the inside info.

“I want them to come forth and be honest as to who gave them that insight,” she said.

“Who let you know where my brother was going to be at that time? Who made that order for you?

“For four men to go out there and kill this young man – for what? Why? What were you promised?

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