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Safaree’s Armed Robber’s Have Been Caught!

Safaree opened up about being robbed before he was scheduled to appear on the Angie Martinez show..An emotional SB detailed the incident. “I just got robbed at gunpoint,” he said. “A couple of hours ago, I just got robbed. Two dudes with guns just ran up on me, me face down on the floor with a gun to my head. They just took everything.”

Safaree revealed that the robbery took place in New Jersey at 3 a.m. on Monday (April 2). “I can’t really give details because the police are still doing what they gotta do,” he said. “They just caught me by myself. I was with one other person, my chef.” He said he is now thinking about boosting his security team with armed guards.

SB also said he didn’t know who was responsible for the robbery, but thought it was someone he knew. “I’ve never had a gun put to my face,” he added. “I don’t know who these people were.” Later, he noted: “I definitely feel like it’s someone I know who has something to do with it.”

Two suspects, Jonathan Ricketts and Shawn Harewood, have since been captured after a police pursuit from New Jersey into New York, according to TMZ.


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