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How to Deal With House Hoppers


House Hoppers

If you read: How to Handle/Spot a Friend Hopper. Then this is a similar version to that article.

House Hoppers are common in these ages and times, and can be very hard to get rid of. They are parasites and can be very annoying! But with some effective tips you can take them out.

For those of you who don’t know what a house hopper is… House hoppers go from place to place when they get kick out or rejected. And can be a very unhealthy experience to go through. But don’t worry I’ll give you 3 tips on how to deal with common House Hoppers. Plus I’ll share with you some tactics and strategies that house hoppers use to keep their spot on YOUR COUCH!

Tip#1: Set Boundaries

From time to time people house hop “like for instance you go over a friend’s house when your dad spazz out”. “Or you house hop to a cousin house to escape a butt whooping from mom”. But common House Hoppers are deadly parasites that leach of you constantly with no conscious. They need to go! And I have the instant treatment to your problem. Setting boundaries can create a balance in your home. Allowing a friend to sleep over after a drunk night is different from allowing parasites to crash every night with no intentions of chipping in. You need to set boundaries on allowing house hoppers to crash every night. Let them know it’s not an everyday thing!

Tip#2: Suggest government housing

Like before you are tired of Sally Lu crashing your place. But she’s your friend/family member, and you don’t want to upset the person whom you care for. So suggest government housing! It’s not you “throwing shade” but obviously that person has no intentions on becoming working class citizen. So government housing will be the perfect solution for them. Be sure to be gentle when approaching the situation. Show them a couple catalogs by offering help while they’re filling out government housing applications. It will make the situation a lot more easier! Plus this tip will help them out, and most importantly YOU OUT!

Tip#3: Call Pest Control!

Like I said before parasites are very hard to get rid of! So don’t fret call pest control to fight parasites out of your home. But no not literally but metaphorically! “Pest Control is Police Control”. At this point the problem has escalated and you feel overwhelm! You told Sally Lu repeatedly to leave, and she disobey your orders. It’s not the best of situation but authority can change an outlook on a person real quick. She’ll be packed and ready to go in minutes. But here’s some advice call the police in silence. “Remember real thugs moves in silence”. That will avoid problems with your common house hoppers before eviction.

House Hoppers Tactics and Strategies:

House hoppers commonly use manipulation to stay at your house. They will use tactics like crying, venting sad life stories so you can feel bad for them. They will even use the old “you don’t love me or like me anymore”!? They even attach themselves to your kids in order to create some attachment to your household.

House Hoppers tend to not care about your house being filthy or a wreck if anything house hoppers add-on to the mess, but when it comes to close eviction, house hoppers tend to clean and cook to get back on your good side. House hoppers are “masterminds in disguise” when it comes to house hopping. So be careful and take precaution to get rid of parasites!

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