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How to Handle/Spot a Friend Hopper


Friend Hoppers:

You ever had a friend that hopped from friend to friend more frequently “then you change you underwear on a daily basis”? Well yes! Friend Hoppers are very consistent with this skill, and has mastered this skill for months to years. For those who don’t know what a friend hopper is… It’s  a person who “hops” around from friend to friend or clique to clique and only acts as a friend when he/she is in need of a favor, or else he/she is never heard from.

We all have encountered friend hoppers at least one time in our lifetime. This is what you call a 3-6 or 6-12 month cycle that can be very drama field and draining! Friend hoppers tend to use their friends a’lot, and when their friends are not beneficial to them no longer they hop to the other friend. The cycle “literally never ends”! Which is a toxic friendship to begin with.

Handling Friend Hoppers:

Handling these kinds of people can be a draining process! You will need a’lot of patience when dealing with these type of people. I will warn you,  grab your notebook and take notes!

1. Keep them separated from your personal life.

While time to time you will need a friend to confide in,  it’s best that you keep a friend hopper out of your business, because when a friend hopper is done with you, and no longer sees you as beneficial; that friend hopper is most likely to drag you down afterwards! Friend hoppers will manipulate the other friend by putting your business out there. It makes them feel better and feel powerful. Remember they feed off negativity and what you can do for them.

2. Keep a friend hopper distant:

Although friend hoppers can put on a front like they’re your best friends, it is best to keep them as distant from your life as possible. Friend hoppers are trouble magnets who pull negativity towards you! They tend to disrupt and corrupt your life daily, which can be bad for you on your part. They don’t care to hear about your success stories but they love to hear about your drama field stories. Keep them distant!

3. Keep limitations on your time:

Most likely friend hoppers are very time-consuming! They feed off your time, but you can set limitations on your time by letting them know that you have a life of your own! And you don’t depend on spending your precious time by being negative and not helpful. Make your time a priority!

4. Block/cut off a friend hopper;

Although we might feel a little bad for them it’s best you cut off unnecessary baggage. Trust me this will be one of the best decisions you ever made! You will feel more free, and energetic. First start off by blocking their numbers, social media pages, emails, etc. So they want have no way of contacting you. That is the main way to cut off a friend hopper! You will be way more happier with your life after you have made this decision.

Spotting a Friend Hopper:

These type of people tend to be ungrateful as hell! They rant about how you don’t do anything for them… When the exact truth is you do more than the people who brought them into this world. And after they have no use for you, they turn on you “like cat to dog”. They start by trying to sabotage your personal life by getting in between your close family and friends. Then they spread rumors and spill the tea about you. See ungrateful and unfaithful! Spotting them should be easy and make sure to get rid of them as fast as possible!!! They are human leaches literally!!!

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