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Jhené Aiko And Baby Daddy O’Ryan Keep it Light For New Video ‘Spotless Mind’ Video


Jhené  Aiko always tell real life story, so in her newest video she uses her real life baby daddy to o her daughter, Namiko Love who is also Omarion’s brother O’Ryan for ‘Spotless Mind’. . Here, she dresses up in between dates from beach artist and flower child to dominatrix and a Hot Cheetos-in-a-wine-glass-eating homegirl.

Though Instagram shows how close she and current beau, Dot Da Genius, are, she recently spoke to VIBE Vixen about O’Ryan:

“A lot of people think my songs are about him and they’re not … When we had Nami, it was like we were already family. We weren’t together but we had always been friends. There are things we still have to work out but for the most part, I look at him and this is weird to say, but I literally look at him like a brother. It’s truly unconditional no matter who I meet. If I get married, he gets married, he has more kids, I have more kids, he will always be family.”


Go to to watch the video…

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