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Lazy Parenting/Skills; Take Initiative Now!



Being a parent can sometimes be a lot of hard work! And I know it can get overwhelming taking care of a living responsibility especially by yourself. But “pat yourself on the back” for taking initiative when it comes to your child. Not too many parents are present or active in their kids life; they lack parenting skills and suffer from “Parenting-Itis”. Which-can-mean-lazy-parenting. Yes!

They are some parents out there, that are lazy and inactive when it comes to their children. These type of parents have energy for everything else except their children. They can make it to club King of Diamonds on Monday, but can’t make it to their child’s recital on Tuesday. So very typical of these parents… And can be very aggravating if you’re the person taking care of their children. You get fed up with the “Bull Crap Man”!

Eventually you’re most likely the sibling, parent, or family member raising and caring for their kids. Because if you don’t take initiative who will!? Exactly my point. But let’s be realistic here, you know the circumstance of this situation, but you’re skeptical about taking initiative raising these kids.

But 9 times out of 10 while their with their parents they get 1 solid meal a day, and maybe a Soda Pop if lucky. They go with their parents for the weekend, and come back 10-15 pounds lighter than before. Plus they are still in the same clothes you brought them over there with. The kids come back home saying: “Grandma I’m really hungry”! You give them a meal they stomach it down in 2 minutes and 55 seconds (You’re Impress).


Yes!!! Please do take initiative for those kids. They need TLC bad!!! These kids are your future, and the future of tomorrow. Every child is a blessing and investment! Be wise about your decision and play a role in their life today. Take initiative for them, be who their parents couldn’t be to them. You can break the cycle and’ end severance over their life. “Rewards come with those who sowed good deeds”. So take initiative and get active!

Tips on taking initiative

-Remain Optimistic (Every child has a bright future it’s the way they are stirred. Stirred them in righteousness).
-Be Grateful( People are put in your life for various of reasons some good and bad, but for a reason).
-Take Custody if Needed( People aren’t meant to be parents, but they are meant to be sperm donors or surrogate moms. So take on your purpose of this child).
-Get Active (Provide support and get active in their life. Kids need everlasting attention and love).
-Find Support( You’re not alone in these times… It’s too much funding websites, organizations along with government help& assistance to help you care for those kids).


Lazy parenting skills are skills of some kind. A skill is something you mastered, therefore if a person mastered to be a lazy parent their already perfected their craft. Now if your an active guardian for this child you can’t expect a lazy parent to change overnight. It’s going to take intervention or miracle! One mess up, and their back to their old lazy parent routine. “Be patient or get to raising”!

Lazy Parenting Includes:
-Sleeping all day
-No tolerance for their kids
-Lazy quick prep meals
-Fancying the child with money and gifts to avoid spending time
-Pushing off kids to go out with family members
-Mastering Laziness
-Spending 1-2 days out of the week with their kids(usually forced)

What can I do to become a active parent? Take Initiative! The tips are above…

What is the best way to explain to the child why their parents are absent? Explain through your actions, what you could do for them their parent didn’t know how to do. Some parents aren’t meant to be parents.

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