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Rapper Daylyt Says He Wants To Have Sex With T.I., Say He Knows He’s a Freak?


Meet Battle Rapper Daylyt, last year he made headlines for professing his lust for Diddy stating that he would “f*ck the sh*t out of Diddy.” Now he’s gunning for T.I.P…

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Now he’s professing his desire to do the same to T.I. because he has a “quota to fill” for 2015, and he’s also been “feeling this caramel sh*t lately.” Plus, he says he knows “T.I. a freak,” so he has that going for him.

In a clip from a recent interview with VladTV, Daylyt — who tried to take a dump on stage after getting booed at a rap battle show in Phoenix last October — addressed his homosexual antics, explaining, “I’ll suck a d*ck or two, but I’m not gay.”

“Daylyt caught taking  an actual dump on stage after being boo’d”



His parents can’t even brag about him. If anything they change the subject when people asks them what he’s doing with his life. I can’t with these new rappers…

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