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What’s Beef: Christina Milian to Karrine Steffans ‘No man has ever wanted to claim you’

Karrine Steffans recently called out Christina Milian for claiming Lil Wayne as her man on Social Media warning her , never to cuff a man who belongs to the world… Which no lies were told. Karrine used to Wayne’s on and off lover for a while….

The Shade Room posted up the picture to their Instagram account, with several fans tagging Milian in the post to make sure she saw it. She soon responded, saying it’s a shame Karrine has to settle for that attitude because no man has ever wanted to claim her.

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Christina after commenting  posted this:



Truth is truth, I got to give it Christina Milian for calling a spade a spade….. But she can’t say too much herself..Hoes know hoes. “Belongs to the world” is just another way of saying “He’s here for everybody”.


Anyway check out her interview with Wendy Williams today:



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