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Bengals DT Devon Still’s Daughter Leah is clear of any active Cancer cells


After receiving word earlier that his daughter Leah may very well be cancer-free after a long, hard battle, Devon Still‘s great news continued after signing a new contract with the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday morning. This is a one-year deal that allows Still to stay with the team he’s familiar with which has played such a huge part in his daughter’s cancer fight.

The Bengals not only signed Still to the practice squad last year to help him pay for his daughter’s treatments, but they also donated $1.25 million to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in her honor.

This is not only great for the Bengals to have him back, but I believe it also aligns with Leah’s well-being, which is most likely the main reason behind Still’s decision.

“Now that it looks like things are headed on the right path, I’m ready to go back and play football,”
Still said in the team’s statement. Marvin Lewis also made the following statement: “It’s great to have Devon back with us. We know it has been a very difficult journey for him the last year. Devon remains focused on Leah’s recovery and on furthering his NFL career, and we’re excited to be able to provide that opportunity.”


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