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‘He Doesn’t Like This ****’: Trump Reportedly Hates His Job and Staff After Less Than a Month

This is not surprising, Donald J. Trump has no real common sense, especially when it comes to running a whole damn country… After just three weeks on the job, President Donald Trump is reportedly frustrated with the realities of trying to run the U.S. government the way he manages his family-owned business.

According to Rawstory:

Sources said Trump often asks simple questions about his job, and he usually changes the subject when discussions become too detail-oriented to make it seem as if he’s in control, said one senior government official.

Trump prefers to hand off detailed questions to his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, or to chief strategist Steve Bannon or House Speaker Paul Ryan, the website reported.

Those sources also revealed that Trump has privately expressed disbelief that judges, bureaucrats and lawmakers are able to halt him from filling government positions or implementing policies.

“He doesn’t like this sh*t,” a source told Politico, referring to the difficulties Trump faced in getting one of his top fundraisers, Anthony Scaramucci, appointed to a job in the West Wing.

However, sources said Trump appears to enjoy showing visitors around the Oval Office, where he spends most of his working hours, and keeping tabs on how his staffers look on TV news. In Washington circles, talk has turned to whether a staff shake-up is in the works.One person close to Trump said: “I think he’d like to do it now, but he knows it’s too soon.”
Those closest to the president are unnerved by that prospect, which they say would be a tacit acknowledgment that their team is struggling.

Spicer, a 45-year-old party operative who rose through the ranks of the Republican National Committee, has told several people that he finds the non-stop demands of the position difficult.

For now, the president is standing by his press secretary. After CNN reported Tuesday that Trump regretted hiring Spicer and was disappointed in him, the president spoke with his press secretary and told him that he was in fine shape. Trump, who has been reluctant to admit any missteps, also has acknowledged to Spicer that it was a mistake to send him to the White House briefing room on the administration’s first full day to berate reporters for coverage of his inauguration crowd size.

For all of Trump’s frustrations about staff drama however, it isn’t clear they’re going away any time soon. Tensions remain between the staffs of chief of staff Reince Priebus and Bannon. Priebus’s advisers blamed Bannon’s team for the botched rollout of the travel ban executive order, saying that they hadn’t done the needed legwork ahead of time.

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