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Trump Declares That The Elections Will Be Rigged If He Doesn’t Win!

Now that the general elections are almost here and after all the controversies Trump had to go trough in the last weeks, it seems impossible for him to win the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump lost a very big amount of  voters, political figure supporters and even donors to his campaign. Even the head of the GOP party Chairman Reince Priebus has declared that he will not support Trump after the horrible remarks he made about women.

Since everyone seems to be turning their backs on Trump he has decided to tell the ones that remain with him, that if he losses the elections it is because they were rigged. He made the statement without any evidence and the sad part, people are believing it.

In his words; Trump stated that the media is responsible for the elections being rigged. He stated that the media played so much of his leaked tape that it really affected his campaign but nothing on Hillary’s emails.

Do you think he has a fair point or not?

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