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Can You Unlock The Meaning of This Story? (What’s Your Interpretation)?



But wait! Here’s the EASY part… I’ll give you one hint relating to the story, along with BOLD WORDS that stand out in the story. So stay tune and UNLOCK THE MEANING OF THIS STORY

I added some feel~good music to go along with the story solving enjoy!

Hint: Realization~

  • Title: Mystery You Have To Solve By Yourself
  • Author: Nina Banks
  • Illustrator: Anonymous 

Deep Blue seas, deeper then I’ll ever be. This story is complex! So choose wisely”.

I’d went to the pond to wash my face, THEY were suddenly on my case. Saying what’s your place in this MAZE? I’d explain that I am great! And there is no need to anticipate my TRAITS. They replied your are crazy! “For any Man can be amazing, it’s whom that can obtain it”. I’d replied there is such thing called faith, and with this I can be praise! Now goodbye “THEY” for I shall not entertain or stray. THEY replied you are in deep chains! I’d walked away amaze for I was intelligent, and THEY were bird brains. What can THEY say to me that I cannot face!

I wonder about the streams, and the leaves that are deep green. What can it mean, and what can I not see? For I see trees, and luxurious things.  I’d STOP! My heart racing, “racing cars”, dark blue night, glistening stars. They are all stars but ONE glistening hard! My eye’s light up brightand a stranger passes by and yelled: IS THAT A STAR!? I was thinking like he can’t tell us Stars apart? I’d set out to be less of a star and more of the world for I hold meaning. Mysterious discoveries that haven’t been found, I wonder if I was the only one astound on this mound.

The next DAWN I’d went back to the pond to hopefully get a respond. For THEY were LOST, and I was FOUND. Only this time I was crowned, I yelled out you are not allowed! THEY said I was hoping you’ll be back from your trails. I’d suddenly laugh… Then smile? THEY responded “it’s better to wait awhile, then to run a mile”. I’d listen for I was in silence for THEY did not know my challenges. Why waste my intelligence!? They responded that “a fool is a man without patience.” And TIME is my name, and I shall remain anonymous! “For time is the master of your intelligence” YOU FOOL.

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