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Dr. Dre Fathers a Secret Love Child ?

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Are break babies becoming the new norm ? Back in 2013 word got out about Dr. Dre having a mistress who goes by the name Kili Anderson and Dr. Dre’s people sent over a cease and desist letter to the Dirty and Nik never took down the story. Well now it appears that Dr. Dre just had a baby with his mistress, that he’s been with for nine years and counting.

The source writes to The Dirty via RWS:

“Dr. Dre visiting the BodyBakery tanning salon. Owned by alleged mistress Kili Anderson. The woman he doesn’t cheat on his wife with. Who’s life he doesn’t sponsor. He didn’t buy her the spot. He just goes there regularly for a tan. Congratulations to Ms. Anderson a successful business owner who I heard just gave birth to a baby girl.”

Can’t find any social media information on her, she probably had to lay low after those dirty posts.

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