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Netflix NEW Movie : #BurningSands

Netflix is releasing a NEW Netflix movie entitled, Burning Sands.

This movie is about HBCU Greek Fraternities and the process of “pledging” . Was this smart? Will many people create a different outlook on HBCU Greek Fraternities?

Fun fact! The director and co-writter of this new movie is Gerard McMurray, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated. Also, he was the producer for the hit movie, Fruitvale Station

After scrolling up and down my  twitter feed, I noticed many different opinions. Many people state that they can not wait to see the new Netflix movie, however, others have a different outlook. I guess we all have to wait and see what the movie has in stored. But HONESTLY, after watching the trailer it has me on edge and I can NOT WAIT to see it!

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